Our trees are simply beautiful. As they should be, they are the centrepieces of our holiday homes and bear witness to the most important family memories!

There are several grades of Christmas Trees, and ours are top grade. Our trees are pre-cut (maybe we should we put up a sign that reads 'Marriage Saver!') and have been lovingly tended for 12-16 years. Please contact us if you require a tree taller than 8 feet.

Christmas Trees & Trimmings

Description Types Price
Balsam Fir - 6'-8' Balsam Fir has a deep-seated tradition in Canada, being one of the first evergreens people selected as Christmas trees. Has a deep green foliage, pliable, soft, leathery feel and not prickly texture to it. Will take medium sized ornaments and has a strong sweet fragrance, making it one of the most sought after trees on the market. $40.00 to $50.00
Fraser Fir - 6'-8' Fraser Fir If you're looking for the most beautiful tree on the market... Fraser Firs are gaining tremendous recognition as an outstanding Christmas Tree largely because of their beautiful layered appearance, upswept branch angle and excellent needle retention. These premium trees have a very pleasant sweet scent and are a deep lustrous green. They also last longer inside the home compared to other varieties (our tree from last year still hasn't dropped any needles!). Please contact us if you require a tree taller than 8 feet. $60.00
TableTop Fir Perfect for centrepieces, condos and apartments $16.00
Cedar Rope - 25' Decorate your home the old-fashioned way with aromatic Cedar garland both indoors and out! $17.00 (unavailable this year)
Wreaths (unavailable this year) Birch-Bark, Mixed Green, Red Eucalyptus and Mixed Berry Prices Vary
Mixed Green Arrangements & Centerpieces (unavailable this year) These are beautiful arrangements made with cedar; pine; fir; red dogwood; curly willow and holly Prices Vary