Questions & Answers

What if it is raining?
Tours take place in any weather. For farm visits, wear appropriate clothing, as tours take place rain or shine (rubber boots are a good idea!). Remember raincoats and sunscreen!

What about snack time?
Snacks may be taken on the bus ride home from the farm. In special circumstances (daycare) they may be taken at the farm during storytime, however program time will be decreased as a result. Please request snack time in advance.

What about washroom facilities?
There are two portable toilets at the farm. Please have your classes use the school washroom facilities before they board the bus, as once one child has to use the farm facilities, many follow and much time and program content is lost.

What if we are late leaving the school?
Please contact the farm and leave a message for notification (only required if you will be more than 30 minutes late) at 905-263-2930.

What about parent volounteers?
Please ensure that you have an appropriate number of parent volounteers for your school board or policy. We encourage at least a 1:8 ratio. No charge.

How can teachers help the class to be prepared for the program?

  • Discuss farm life with your class, talk about how farmers help get food onto tables every day. Many children only know farmers from storybooks!
  • Please ensure that your group is wearing nametags, as it helps the farmer build rapport with your group.
  • Plastic bags with 'names' are useful for carrying pumpkins.
  • October can be very cold, so please ensure children are dressed adequately before they leave school (snowsuits on some days, mittens and hats).