Program Selection

Tours are $8 per student

Pre-School - Kindergarten
Peek inside the farm barn and learn all about animals! Learn about the food and clothing that animals can provide. Help the farmer feed and water the animals, and learn about the different names for the animals and their little ones.

Pre-school - Kindergarten
Students learn about the importance of plants as food, and plant your very own seeds in the field or in a cup. Learn about the growth cycle of plants, and the preparation of the soil for planting.

Grades 1 & 2
Peek inside the farm barn and learn about the animals as they grow. See where the animals spend their time, and how farmers care for their animals 365 days a year.

Grades 1 & 3
Learn the parts of plants, their characteristics, and what they need to grow. Discuss the need for plants in our lives, and what they provide us with.

Grade 3
Learn about the Van Nest family that settled on the Knox Farm back in 1837. Talk about the differences between the pioneer life and today. Demonstrations show some of the skills required by the pioneers and their neighbours in their rural locations.

Grade 4
Discover the importance of animals in our lives. Discuss the many uses for domestic animals and their bi-products. View the transformation of sheep wool into clothing, and apples into juice. Through interaction, learn how the food chain works.

Grade 4
Discover the importance of plants in our lives. Discuss the many uses for plants through interactive activities. Discover the habitat and growth requirements of plants on the farm and in the garden. Learn about crop rotation and how it minimizes soil erosion.

Fall Program

Pokin' Around the Pumpkin Patch!

Station 1 - The Pumpkin Patch
When the bus door opens - excited children jump to the ground in their rubber boots and make their way to the pumpkin patch where they learn all about planting and harvesting crops on the farm. After picking their own wee pumpkins, children will travel to the next stop - the a-maize-ing corn maze! (1/2 hour)

Station 2 - The A-maize-ing Maze
This maze is even more amazing than most - it's made from corn! Following the leader into the secret story square, children will make all kinds of spooky sounds, take some time to learn about where Corn Flakes come from, read a story about farm life, and finally attempt to find the maze exit, because it's chore time! (1/2 hour)

Station 3 - The Farm Barn
Next stop is the Farm Barn, where children will peek inside the farm barn to see the animals of the farm, learn about animal characteristics, and how farmers look after the needs of the animals 365 days a year! This interactive learning experience is always memorable, especially when the baby kitties are around. Students get the chance to experience life on the farm - hands-on! (1/2 hour)