Trip Checklist for Teachers

Check that:

  • All children are dressed adequately for the weather
  • All teachers are dressed adequately for the weather!
  • Each child has a plastic bag with their name on it
  • Each child has a nametag visible to farm teachers
  • Teachers have nametags so they can easily be distinguished from parent volounteers
  • Any children with allergies have medication and parents are aware they are visiting a farm environment
  • 'Map to the Patch' is ready to give to bus driver and/or parents
  • Class has washroom break before boarding the bus
  • Wipes/paper towels are brought to clean hands before leaving farm
  • Payment is ready (may be in cash or cheque made payable to: Knox Innovations Inc.)
  • Parent volounteers are attending, we recommend a minimum 1:8 ratio
  • Don't forget to bring a camera to record your little farmers' big day at the farm!